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These consultants and consulting companies all have extensive Asterisk experience and have all installed astGUIclient/VICIDIAL systems that are running in production environments: (in alphabetical order, and listed by Location) Only email, phone and website are allowed.


Is an offshore company located in ARGENTINA, have installes several production VICIDIAL systems in Argentina,
Paraguay, USA, Brazil and Europe INBOUND and OUTBOUND, and more than 10.000 asterisk ports include a 74 E1 
IVR masive call company.


VCCS is a VoIP based solutions company providing vicidial and asterisk customization, hosting, and support. 
We are based in Canada and service globally with quality and reliability our main focus when it comes to 
our business relationships. We also offer business class Wholesale A-Z VoIP Termination with direct premium 
routes. Resellers please inquire about our powerful reseller portal to get started asap. Please email me for 
a quote, and I look forward to working with you.

Matthew Martin


Located at Colombia, We provide consulting and support services for asterisk and vicidial.
We're Red Hat Business Partner in Colombia
Don't hesitate in contact us for further inquiries.
Andres Mujica
Grupo OpenBox
Ivan Mauricio Gutierrez Gutierrez
Ivan is Telecommunications Engineer located in Bogota, Colombia. Has extensive experience in
setting up inbound and outbound call center. A Call Center
Consultancy and also operates Call Center services.
Contact: Ivan Mauricio Gutierrez Gutierrez.
Email: -
Phone: + 571 7425555 Ext: 232
Mobile: + 57 3142881998 (Comcel)

Costa Rica

Its located in COSTA RICA, have production VICIDIAL SYSTEMS as well as business IP PBX solutions.
Asterisk, Asterisk + vicidial, asterisk + trixbox, asterisk + elastix
Henry Sanchez
TicoIT develops asterisk based phone switches and call center dialers based on vicidial. We are
located in Costa Rica and ship locally and to other countries. We provide support to already installed servers.
Luis Coronado

Czech Republic

IPEX a.s.
They are located in Czech Republic, and have installed several production VICIDIAL systems.
contact: Pavel Zocek
email: zocek at
phone: +420-383-836-944


We are based in France , and have installed several production VICIDIAL systems. We have a Vicidial
Full French version with many other feature like Calendar, Dynamic forms ...
Provides installation and support and devloppement for Asterisk, Asterisk + vicidial, sip gateway,
A2billing, asterisk + trixbox, Asterisk legacy integration
contact: Erwan DESVERGNES
phone: +

Dominican Republic and Caribbean

IT Continental

Located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. We have more than 15 years experience setting up inbound and outbound call center.

Contact: Omar Rodriguez
Email: OmarRodriguezT+vicidial (at) gmail (dot) com
Phone: (813) 618-7808


Public issue
Public Issue is a leading survey company located in Athens Greece.
Public issue has many qualified software engineers that implement Asterisk and many other open source systems.
Public issue's owned call center is our referense for services upon request on Vicidial Project.
We provide those Services in Greece Cyprus and all the balkan countries.
Public Issue
Phone: +30 210 7575000
Email: it (at) publicissue (dot) gr


Arien Consulting
Consulting Services for Asterisk PBX and Vicidial Installation.
Including NAT and Codec translation setup.
Providing onsite and online support in india and USA.
Contact: BHR Balaji
email :
Phone: 9849017612
DID: 732 2180 369
We are based in Ahmedabad and have more than 3 years of experience in Asterisk vicidial, SER,
Asterisk Billing (Gatekeeper and Radius), SIP Gateway, Hosted Call Center Solution, Hosted IP PBX
and Video Conferencing on Vicidial, Soft Switched for VOIP retail and wholesale, Call shop Solutions/Calling card solution.
Call today 91 9825500318;
Aabhas Bajpai
Having experience in asterisk and VoiP for more then 3 years
For Small to medium single and distributed Vicidial Installations
Of more than 230, Seats plan done in India.
Providing support to 19 call centers at different locations in India
Provide resident and onsite Support with turnkey solutions
Provides installation and support for Asterisk, Asterisk + vicidial, SER, sip gateway, A2billing,
asterisk + trixbox, gnu dialer, Asterisk intiegration
Contact: aabhas bajpai
E-mail :
Phone : +919936283432 or +919961683294
Asher Network Solutions
we are based in hyderabad - india has about 3 years experiance in voip industries and installed ViCiDialer?
in 6 centers through out Southindian Region. Asterisk/Open Source VoIP Installation/Configuration/Maintenance,
Open Source Inbound/OutBound/Predictive Dialing solutions for Call Center
online telephony shop deals in Asterisk related products.
we also provide supoort on Vicidial, Asterisk installation, Trixbox, Webcall Back
and many more
Contact us for quick support
We are based in Hyderabad-India? has about 5 years of experience in VoIP industry and working
with Asterisk,SER and other VoIP architectures And have presence in Pune/Banglore/Mumbai/Delhi.
Has installed ASTGUICLIENT/VICIDIAL installations for production call centres.
We have many clients of production environment including call centers, call shops, ITSP's.
Phone: +91 9885396904 (ilyas)
+91 9866164331 (Aditya)
Accrue Convergence Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Located In Delhi,India. Have implemented Asterisk solutions for small and
medium call centers and working on Asterisk based billing system. We have
setup more than 15 call centers.
Accrue Convergence Solution Pvt. Ltd., Delhi
Contact : Ajit Pandey
Phone +91-9999683522
Email info at
Web :
Located In Mumbai,India. Have implemented Asterisk solutions for small and
medium call centers and working on Asterisk based billing system. We have
setup more than 50 call centers worldwide.
Services Offered Customized Asterisk Development, Asterisk installation/configuration, Dialplan
programming, AGI scripting, IVR Designing
Kindly visit Asterisk@Office
Phone: +91-9867333566
Contact : Contact Us
Web : Asterisk@Office
We offer various services for Asterisk such as: Asterisk installation/configuration,Dialplan programming,
AGI scripting, IVR Designing, text to speech, speech to text
Email :
Phone : +1-631-498-4020
CN Consultancy
A unique solution for startup VOIP based call centers. Get a working Vicidial Installed Server
for just $1000 (Rs.46,000). with everything up and running, just connect the server to your
rack, configure soft phones and you are ready to go.
Ready to use configurations for many Service providers (both IAX and SIP)
Minor customizations included
Diyanat Ali
  1. VOIP Consultant - Hyderabad India

Diyanat is located in Hyderabad - India, has about 6 years of experience in the VOIP

industry and is working with asterisk/SER since 4 years.
Has installed about 24 production ASTGUICLIENT/VICIDIAL installations,
installed ABOUT 100 Asterisj based PBX for production environment including call centers, call shops, ITSP's.
Services offered are: Installation/maintenance/configuration of Linux/PBX/Gatekeepers/Phones/devices
Inbound/outbound/predictive dialing solution based on vicidial for call centers, Onsite and remote
assistance provided, can travel worldwide to implement large projects, Per Hour installation/support
charges only, asterisk/vicidial is OpenSource/GPL and free to use
Phone: +91 9885039230
Email: diyanat (at)
Krishna Tele Soft
They are located in India, and have installed several production VICIDIAL systems.
They generally work on major VICIDIAL installation and support and are working on INBOUND
& OUTBOUND complete call center solutions. Majority of their work is on the asterisk based
solutions providing consultancy work. .
Krishna Tele Soft
email: krishnatelesoft at-
Net Solution Inc.
Located In Mumbai, India. Have implemented may Asterisk solutions for small and medium call
centers and calling card shops. We have setup loadbalancing Vicidial Servers with high
availability Mysql Cluster Database for high performance , stability and scalability.
Net Solution Inc, Mumbai
Phone +91-22-27581200
Email dkumar at
Web :
Synotek Enterprise
For Large, Distributed, Redundant Vicidial Installations of more than 100 Seats pan India
along with resident onsite Support.
Contact: sales @
Web :
Phone: +91 93505 43050
India, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, other NCR areas and Ahmedabad, Gujrat.
Mahavir shah-Worldbizconsultant
We are based in Gujarat-India? and have more than 3 years of expreience in Asterisk solutions.
Has installed ASTGUICLIENT/VICIDIAL installations for production call centres.
We have many clients of production environment including ,billing systems, mobile systems,VOIP billings,call centers.
Phone: +91 9825500318
H M Kias Voip consultant
Pondicherry (near Chennai)
Im based in Pondicherry having more than 5 years experience in VOIP at ITSPs ,call centres ..
Consulting : Voip(asterisk, freepbx, trixbox,yeastar fxo/fxs, Vicidial , IVR,termination) ,
Call Centre, Routes , Linux ,Firewall, and other Infrastructure services.
Tel: 91-9443467600
Email : ,
Online Productivity Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
We handle all types of Asterix/Vicidial/Cellix-Skypix set-ups, configurations, trouble-shooting,
and on-going facilities management; for Call centers and corporate clients. We can provide a complete
turn-key set-up to start-ups and specialise on the Small and Medium Business Segment. We're a listed
Linux, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sun Java, Cisco, Novell and Microsoft (Gold Certified Partner Level) Company, based in Goa (India).
Phone1: +91-832-2887341
Phone2: +91-832-2887342
Mobile: +91-9422439593


ICT Innovations
Leveraging open source in ICT
Ict Innovations is a team of open source telephonoy profesionals and have experties in installation,
integeration, customization and development over following open source voip and foip (T.38) applications:
asterisk, vicidial, sugarcrm, freepbx, freeswitch, astbill, a2bill, callweaver, openwengo, openser and other
Tahir Almas
project manager
email tahir at
ICT Innovations
Emergen Consulting Pvt Ltd
Emergen Consulting is located in Karachi, Pakistan and has been delivering open-source
solutions support to companies and call centers all over pakistan and the far-east. We deliver
a comprehensive solution including load balancing, failover, high performance storage and voice-over-ip
for your requirements. We have VICIDIAL operational in small and mid sized call centres and many Asterisk PBX
contact: Rehan Zafar
phone: +
Nethawk (Pvt) Ltd.
We are a R&D oriented company, we have strategic alliances with several hardware resellers, focus on
reliability and security We provide Consulting, Planning, Deployment, support and training services
for VICIDIAL /Asterisk based IP PBX and appliances. Installation of Asterisk PBX with PSTN, VoIP, GSM
and FAX integration, Installation of VICIDIAL, Installation of switches with traffic management and
Wifi Networks with wireless IP phones, Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network
utilizing SIP and/orIAX2, Call center solutions, Custom AGI scripts, diaplan extensions, billing systems,
Asterisk/VICIDIAL / VoIP Network Support & Management, 24x7x365 On-Call Engineer support services.
Contact: Shaharyar Rao
Phone: +92.51.2282147
Cell: +92.344.5900154
Tektrix inc.
Tektrix is located in Lahore-Pakistan?. We have 5 years of extensive experience in VOIP and Enterprise Data
Networks. We offer a wide range of IT Services including but not limited to the following: Asterisk/Open Source
VoIP Installation/Configuration/Maintenance, Linux Systems/Servers, Linux Firewall Solutions, Open Source
Inbound/OutBound/Predictive Dialing solutions for Call Center(5 major Vicidial installations for 25 to 75 agents),
Small, Medium, Large Scale deployments of Asterisk, SER, Asterisk@home/Trixbox/FreePBX, Cisco IPCC/IPT solutions
for Corporate IP Telephony and Medium to Large (500+) Seats Call Center Solutions, Assistance provided worldwide 24x7.
Phone: +92 321 4426288


Tel: +51-1-7028888 / +51-1-97452395


Edwin A. Valbuena Jr
Edwin is located in Manila, Philippines. Has extensive experience in setting up inbound and
outbound call center. Have installed and currently maintains various VICIDIAL implementation
ranging from 20 seats to 140 seats call centers. He also owns Core Communications Inc. A Call Center
Consultancy and also operates Call Center services. Services offered: VICIDIAL Installation / Configuration,
Custom VICIDIAL add-ons, Asterisk Installation / Configuration, Call   Center Technology Setup, Asterisk
billing solutions, Call Center Technology Consulting
Contact: Edwin A. Valbuena Jr.
Email: edvalbuena (at)
Mobile: +63917-862-op3r(6737) /+639217731927
Next I.X., inc.
They focus on technology solutions for Start-up and Rapidly Growing Call Centers. The
company has done extensive testing, troubleshooting and installation of astGUIclient/VICIDIAL
systems for real world production environment. Its integrated technology package is complemented
by a dedicated technical support team that provides expert business process support services to
boost the client's competitive advantage in the highly dynamic call center industry. Next I.X.
also operates an offshore call center and medical transcription company in the Philippines.
Contact: Bobby Suson
Email: bobby at
Phone: (703)2865017, (+63-32)2551330
Voice Fidelity Philippines
Working on Vicidial installation and customization since 2006. Share the web barging concept
to the vicidial open-source community.
Contact: Lito Manansala /,
HP: +639064370459
pstn: +63447960449
Tollfree: 1.866.658.8140


Dako SRL
Romanian company specialized in Asterisk installations, configuration and customization.
Also have a lot of knowledge about configuration and fine tuning of astGUIclient and Vicidial.
Contact: Bogdan Gonciulea
Email: bgonciulea <at>
Phone: +40-722-274222
Location: Romania
Zigosoft SRL
CallCenter? Services Romanian Company. Develop, assistance and customized Asterisk base services.
Technical Support for astGUIclient and Vicidial.
Contact: Radu Padure
Email: radu.padure <at>
Phone: +40-745-209622
Location: Romania


IqTek is an IT company specialized in development and integration of various communication technologies,
including VoIP and Vicidial. Having total experience with VoIP and asterisk for 15+ years we deploy 100+
projects of various sizes. Our best expertise located in areas of IP-PBX, Call Centers (inbound and outbound),
IVR systems, speech analytics and statistics collection and management, workforce management and quality
assessment. We provide 24x7 support for our client's on request. 
Contact: Igor Goncharovsky
E-mail: vicidial <at>
Tel: +74952666260

United States of America

Vicidial Group
The Vicidial Group is the official source for Vicidial service and support. The Vicidial group was
created at the beginning of 2008 to offer Vicidial services to the enterprise market. Because
they are the creators and maintainers of Vicidial there is no one more experienced with the product
than the Vicidial Group. The Vicidial Group offers everything from hosted Vicidial systems to certified
Vicidial compatible hardware to customizations to fit any clients needs. The Vicidial Group also offers
enterprise class, 24 hour support with certified technicians.
==Phone:== 1-863-393-9330
==Toll Free:== 1-888-894-VICI (8424)
A1 Networks
A1 Networks provides installation, support and day to day management for Vicidial Call Centers all over
the nation & based in the Cloud.  Our Call Center experience goes back over a decade to Lucent, now
Avaya, Definity switches.  Every A1 Networks technician holds the Digium Certified Asterisk
Administrator or Asterisk Professional Certification (dCAA/dCAP) and provides daily support for IP PBX's
and Call Centers around the nation. Customization options include pre qualification IVR's, lead ranking
systems, lead synchronization with external CRM solutions such as vTiger, Leads360, ACT!, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, Percona & MSSQL backends.
Phone: (707)570-2021
Astagent is changing the way companies around the world support their Asterisk/Vicidial installations.
Our mission is to be the global leader in Asterisk/Vicidial support and placement. Astagent has built a
world-wide network of Asterisk/Vicidial professionals who are ready to support your organizations IP-PBX
at a minutes notice. Our Asterisk Agents have passed extensive Asterisk/Vicidial training to give our customers
peace-of-mind. We pride ourselves in the ability to support multi-national corporations with world-class service
that is second to none. If you need Asterisk/Vicidial support, we can help.
Phone: (800)763-2908
Awesome Computing
Awesome Computing has over 5 years of Asterisk experience: Has installed the primary backbone servers for two
VoIP telephone providers; Installed 6 working ASTGUICLIENT/VICIDIAL] installations, including two very large
(150+ seats) installations; Installed over 30 IP PBX systems;
Phone: (208)390-6347
Email: mxtreme311(at)
Call Center Service Group, LC
Commercial solutions ranging from 4 to 250 seats. Built on existing or new Vicidial certified servers, with
on-site next-business-day h/w support as standard. We provide both Standard and Custom solutions to fit your
needs. Support is available by the hour, block of 10 hours or under a month to month contract. If you have
any questions, please don't hesitate contacting us!
For more info including pricing, see, or call:
(800)221-0251 (US)
info at- callcentersg dot- com
Cartama Consulting LLC
Cartama Consulting LLC is based in San Antonio, TX and serves the South Texas area. We installed our first
Vicidial system in 2006 and we can solve your small or medium business's call center problems.
Phone: (210) 698 5098 or (210) 559 7950 (cell)
CrystalVOX Communications
CrystalVOX Communications - CrystalVOX is located in Ogden, Utah. They have implemented many Asterisk solutions
to both small and medium sized businesses. CrystalVOX is involved in the VICI Projects providing testing and
custom components. We have implemented dozens of callcenters throughout the U.S. and internationally and can
provide references upon request.
CrystalVOX Communications
Phone: (801)917-1180
DFW Onsite Technology Group
DFW Onsite is a North Texas area provider of Asterisk based business solutions with multiple installations to
our credit. The principal of the company has over 3 years experience with Asterisk, and more than 15 years of
experience in Network/Telecommunications, and business I.T. support. Let the professionals design and implement
your Asterisk/VICIDIAL project, you have a business to run.
Phone: (214) 644-1900
Mobile: (469) 230-7667
F2 Incorporated
Full service Asterisk shop, Digium Authorized Reseller and Linksys Partner Connection resller. We are your trusted
choice for design and implementation of IP-PBX, IVR and Call Center/Contact center. Everything from remote/ssh help
with an install, to on-site support for a full roll out. We specialize in AsteriskNow?, Asterisk Busines Edition (BE)
but we also welcome projects with Trixbox and Elastix. We have had great experiences using Vicidial in non-profit and
schools and local government. Call for our special public sector pricing!
Conviently located in Portland Oregon.
Email : sales <at>
Phone : 503-808-1200
Locodyne Consulting
Chris Doyle has been installing/testing/troubleshooting astGUIclient/VICIDIAL systems for two years now and has very
in-depth knowledge of how the system and Asterisk work together.
Chris Doyle
Locodyne Consulting
email: umaro at-
phone: 888-514-5979
PoundTeam Incorporated
We offer installation, consultation, and remote troubleshooting/administration/modification of Vicidial. Our primary
focus is on functional Vicidial (Vicibox/GoAutoDial/VicidialNOW or Scratch) with CRM (vTiger/SugarCRM or other)
integration on STOCK installs. We assist those who have attempted their own installation and just need a nudge. We
also build Vicidial in your box and ship it back to you. We have many boxes (from single server to large clusters) on
the street right now in varying types of facilities.
'''SourceForge for our Gentoo Install Instructions:''' []
'''Email:''' ViciWiki5 at
'''US Toll-Free:''' 888-883-8488
'''Phone:''' +1-352-269-0000
Sound Choice Communications LLC
An Asterisk Systems Integrator from the State Minnesota in the United States. Eric Osterberg recently completed a
handful of VICI installations on Trixbox and Asterisk@Home systems.
Eric Osterberg
Sound Choice Communications LLC
7839 12th Ave So
Bloomington, MN 55425 US
Phone: +1.(651)-999-0888
Email: staff(@at@)
Technicate Computer Solutions
Business Logic
Complete Asterisk and Vicidial solutions. Technicate has provided installation and customization support to multiple
call center companies around the globe. From initial installations to full lifecycle support, Technicate is there
to be a part of your success.
Damon Brown
Technicate Computer Solutions
Phone: 800.245.7110
Voxee Consultants
They have installed many production Asterisk systems and are a SIP/IAX termination provider
(see SERVICE PROVIDERS entry for details about free trial).
Value Communications -
email: support at-
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