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   Location: Romania   Location: Romania
   Website: http://​   Website: http://​
 +  IqTek is an IT company specialized in development and integration of various communication technologies,​
 +  including VoIP and Vicidial. Having total experience with VoIP and asterisk for 15+ years we deploy 100+
 +  projects of various sizes. Our best expertise located in areas of IP-PBX, Call Centers (inbound and outbound),
 +  IVR systems, speech analytics and statistics collection and management, workforce management and quality
 +  assessment. We provide 24x7 support for our client'​s on request. ​
 +  Contact: Igor Goncharovsky
 +  E-mail: vicidial <at>
 +  Tel: +74952666260
 +  http://​
 =====United States of America===== =====United States of America=====
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