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Welcome to the Wiki

Current Official VICIDIAL/astGUIclient release is 2.11

Please add on to this Wiki any information you would like to share about your VICIDIAL setup or and tips you may have.

Change Log - The change logs for the Vicidial Source code.

VICI:users - Users of VICI dialer software - List your call center

VICI:consultants - List of consultants who can assist with installation

VICI:Service Providers - List of service providers who are accepting traffic from Vicidial (not all inclusive)

VICI:faq - Frequently Asked Questions (With Answers)

VICI:system requirements - What is required to successfully run the VICIDIAL platform

VICI:Installation - Vicidial installation methods

VICI:HowTo - List of handy HowTo for VICIDIAL

VICI:Troubleshooting - List of handy troubleshooting tips VICIDIAL

SVN:howto - How To use the SVN server

VICI:ViciBox - How to install and configure ViciBox Server

VICI:translations - Languages that VICIDIAL is available in, and how to translate more

VICI:tools - Vicidial Add-ons Tools

VICI:forecasting - Lokad Workload forecasting add-on for VICIDIAL

DEVELOPMENT:notes - OLD Notes on future development for VICIDIAL/astGUIclient 2.0

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